With XMLMill you can:

  • generate PDF documents from XML data, combined with XSL and XSLT.
  • modify existing PDF documents by completing their Acrofields or stamping the pages with new information (text, images, barcodes, …).

XMLMill is 100% build in Java and uses an JAXP 1.2 or 1.3 compliant xml-parser and xsl-transformer.

XMLMill uses Apache’s commons.logging package acting as an ultra-thin bridge between different logging implementations. This way XMLMill can be used in any environment.

XMLMill comes in 2 flavors:

XMLMill for Java runs as a:

  • Java applet in your browser
  • Java stand-alone application
  • In batch (headless Unix supported)
  • In a Java application-server (servlet)
  • As a task in the Ant build tool.

XMLMill for Domino runs in a:

  • Lotus Domino R5.x environment (batch only)
  • Lotus Domino R6.x (or higher) environment (online and batch)
  • Lotus Domino R7.x (or higher) environment (online and batch)
  • Lotus Domino R8.x (or higher) environment (online and batch)
  • As of version XMLMill 2.80 the content of a (RichText) field based on HTML tags can be generated into a PDF document. Consult our use-case in our use-cases document (also contained in the trial download).

High volume generation

XMLMill is suited to generate:

  • large PDF documents (1000+ pages)
  • large number of PDF documents (in batch)
  • multi-threading ready.


XMLMill is 100% build in Java and uses a JAXP (1.2 or 1.3) compliant xml-parser and xsl-transformer.

O/S independent

As XMLMill is based on Java, it runs on any operating system where a Java Virtual Machine exists for:

Operating Systems:

Windows (98/NT/2000/XP), Solaris (7/8 SPARC) , Linux (x86), AIX, …  


Apache Tomcat 4.x, Apache Tomcat 3.x , JBoss 3.x, JBoss 2.x, Bea Weblogic 7.x , Bea Weblogic 6.x , Bea Weblogic 5.1 , IBM Websphere 5.x , IBM Websphere 4.x , Sun ONE Application Server 7 , Sun ONE Application Server 6.5 , Oracle 9i Application Server , ATG Dynamo 5.x/6.x , Macromedia JRun 4.x , Macromedia JRun 3.x , Silverstream 3.x, Caucho Resin 2.