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Support Packages

When your business relies on XMLMill for your document processing, you want to be sure that you get the support when needed.

We offer you 2 support packages that will save you value time:

90-days basic support

Each license comes with 90 days of e-mail support. This to get you started with XMLMill so you can be immediately productive and save you development time . This service covers:

  1. Email-support. Questions are answered usually within 24 hours (Monday through Friday CEST)
  2. Free upgrade to all minor and major releases during this period.

Premium support package (when available)

If you use XMLMill in your business applications you will always want to have a XMLMill engineer 'at your fingertips'.

Through our priority web-based or email support, you will save development time by getting questions answered quickly by our technical services engineers. Protect you investment by our premium support package, containing:

  • Upgrade to all minor and major releases during this period.
  • Access to our support engineers via email.
  • Access to our online knowledge base (when available).
  • Next business day guaranteed response.
  • Continuous effort to resolve business critical issues (*)
  • Up to two named contacts

Premium Support is priced at 15% of product list price with a minimum purchase of 1000 euros for 12 consecutive months.

(*) Business-critical issues include problems with installation or operation of XMLMill software which have no immediate workaround, and which cause one of the following:

  1. inability to run mission-critical applications in production environment
  2. system failures
  3. an unacceptable delay in the development and release of mission-critical applications.
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