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High volume xml-xsl to PDF Generation

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Consulting Services

We offer following consulting services:

XMLMill consultancy

If you need to generate pdf documents from within your application, take a look at XMLMill.

If you decide to use XMLMill and need need expert consulting services, take advantage of our expertise in the use of our products and related technologies. Our consulting services can save you time and money and help your project to stay in scope, budget and time!

Our skilled engineers will be dedicated to your project, giving you a advantage over your competitors. As soon as our engineers have an understanding of your needs, they will propose the best solution in order to optimally integrate XMLMill in your environment.

J2EE consultancy

If you need to integrate XMLMill in your Java application, our engineers can help you with defining an optimal architecture or even better, develop the application that serves your business needs.

Domino consultancy

If your company uses Lotus Domino, we are best placed to integrate XMLMill in yor Domino environment. We develop complete Domino applications where XMLMill can be an added value.

Cocoon consultancy

If your company needs a complete Content Management System (CMS) or Document Management System (DMS) but wants it built 100% customized, reliable and scalable, take a look at this website.

We can offer you expert consultanct regarding building complet xml/xsl websites with integrated .pdf generation. We can set-up a Cocoon website that is fully customized to your CMS and DMS needs.

Please take a look at our how-we-did-it page.

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