XMLMill - convert xml to pdf with java. Generate PDF from xml/xsl.

High volume xml-xsl to PDF Generation

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This site was created with the following technology:

  • Cocoon, a powerful XML-publishing framwork based on XML and XSLT. The architecture is based on pipeline processing of SAX events, which results in better scalability and improved performance of web applications deployed in the framework.
  • XML, an emerging industry standard, provides an excellent means for separating contents from specific presentation features.
  • XSLT/XPath, a new language for manipulating XML documents, serves as a flexible and powerful tool for managing the contents and ascribing formatting styles.
  • Jakarta Lucene, a high-performance, full-featured text search engine written entirely in Java.
  • XMLMill, a high volume XML/XSL to PDF transformer, allowing the same content displayed on this website to be online generated into PDF documents.

Same content, multiple output

With the XML/XSL paradigm and extended with XMLMill, Separation of Concerns (this means separating business logiv from the presentation ) are strongly supported resulting in the possibility to write all documentation only once (in .xml format) and to process the documentation to whatever format (currently xhtml and pdf):

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This way we are able to achieve several advantages:

  • Productivity increase: As no data needs to be written in different formats (Word, HTML, PDF, ...)
  • Consistency: As there is only one data-source all documentation, where displayed, will be exactly the same.

XMLMill and Cocoon

XMLMill and Cocoon (or any other xml/xsl publishing framework) gives you the power of generating pdf documents online, freeing you of the burden to copy-paste all that information into Word or Excel or using another separate report-writer.

Look to a real-life extranet Online lending-out reservation form example where a employee can generate the document with all the necessary information and then print the corresponding .pdf document if needed.

Or look at this website. Every page can be on-line (in real-time) generated in PDF (notice the Acrobat logo at the top left of each page). The generation is of course done with ... XMLMill !

Like this, multiple opportunities exist in your company, whether it is in the Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR or any other department.

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