XMLMill - convert xml to pdf with java. Generate PDF from xml/xsl.

High volume xml-xsl to PDF Generation

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XMLMill for Domino

With XMLMill for Domino you can generate PDF documents from within your Notes web documents or Domino application.

A Lotus Script Programmer with a basic understanding of xml and xslt can use this generic solution in his own R5/R6/R7/R8 (web) applications without having to know any Java-programming.

If you are using Domino R5, you can only use XMLMill in batch, not online via your web-browser.

In Domino R6/R7/R8, you can use XMLMill online or in batch.

XMLMill online (Domino R6/R7/R8 only)

Following actions are possible on-line:

  1. View a generated .pdf document on-line (the document is on-line generated based on the data in your document(s)).
  2. Save a generated document on file-server (the location where to store the document and/or name of the .pdf file can dynamically be defined).
  3. View and Save actions combined.
  4. Execute a Lotus script (name of the Lotus script can be dynamically defined).
  5. View and Execute actions combined (in this order).
  6. Saveand Execute actions combined (in this order).
  7. View, Save and Execute actions combined (in this order).

Please read Use case 1: On-the-fly creation of a PDF from a Web- or Notes-client (R6/R7/R8 only) in the UseCases document ( contained in the download - or on-line) to find out how to use the View, Save and Execute actions.

In this Use case the Execute action is used to automatically mail a generated PDF document to recipients. This is just one example of how these actions can be combined to give you any result you want to achieve.

XMLMill in batch (Domino R5/R6/R7/R8)

In batch following actions are possible:

  1. Save generated document(s) on file-server (XMLMill is called using the command-line interface by passing the correct parameters).

The UseCases document ( contained in the download - or on-line) contains following use-cases showing how to use XMLMill in batch:

  • Use case 2: Create a PDF with bookmarks and a table of content based on a Notes-view using XMLMill as a batch-procedure (R5/R6/R7/R8).
  • Use case 3: Create different Invoice PDF's based on a Notes-view per customer using XMLMill as a batch-procedure (R5/R6/R7/R8).
  • Use case 4: Create different Reminder PDF's per customer based on a Notes-view using XMLMill as a batch-procedure (R5/R6/R7/R8)


To successfully implement XMLMill, following is needed:

Please read the installation and configuration instructions in the installation guide R5 or installation guide R6 or installation guide R7 or installation guide R8 carefully before starting the installation.

The download contains a fully functional version of XMLMill for Domino, with two limitations:

  • Each generated PDF document will contain a header and footer marking the document as a document generated with a trial version of XMLMill.
  • Each generated PDF document will only display the first 5 pages (although the document will have its full size).
  • These limitations are removed when you buy the licensed version.
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