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Release Notes

XMLMill 2.50.r1 (December 11th, 2005)

Minor upgrade with several improvements (see below).

All new Products Features are eligible for XMLMill for Java and XMLMill for Domino.

  • Download a trial version in our download section

XMLMill for Java

The main changes are:

Bugfix: With XMLSpy 2005 it was not possible to validate an .xsl stylesheet with the ml: namespace used in it.

When opening an .xsl document (with the ml: namespace in it) gave following error: "Substitution has been blocked for element declaration 'xsl:instruction'"

It was reported to Altova (the producer of xmlSpy) on May 16th 2005 (defect #9954) and finally they got with an answer to solve the error.

The solution was to modify the xslt.xsd schema and xmlmill.xsd schema.

Existing (trial) users of version 2.50 can directly download the modified schema files at: http://download.xmlmill.com/xmlmill.xsd.zip

Please replace the existing files with the files contained in the download.

Alternatively you can also download the 2.50.r1 release from our download section

XMLMill for Domino

The main changes are:

See the previous section

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