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Release Notes

XMLMill 1.32.r4 (December 3rd, 2002)

Minor upgrade to eliminate several bugs.


  • The ZapfDingbats and Symbol font-types can now be used (previously the characters were not displayed).
  • The logfile will no longer give following error when XMLMill is used with a version of Xerces previous than 2.0.0:
    = XMLMill build: XMLMill Java 1.32.R3
    = Xalan build: Xalan Java 2.4.0
    at com.xmlmill.PDELogFile.a(PDELogFile.java)
    at com.xmlmill.PDELogFile.setPDELogFile (PDELogFile.java)

    If XMLMill cannot detect which xml-parser or xsl-transformer is used, it will report this as build: unknown. This way XMLMill can also be used with other parsers / transformers.
  • It was possible that a table's border was not generated if the table contained more pages. This has been solved.


  • The ZapfDingbats value is changed to zapfdingbats.


  • The security certificate was renewed and is valid till December 1"th, 2003.
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