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Release Notes

XMLMill 1.26 (May 20, 2002)

  • Please note that the DTD has changed in this version. You need to update your xmlmill xml / xsl files in order to be able to use this version of XMLMill with it. Please make a back-up of all your xml/xsl files before installing this version.


  • Elimination of the filled attribute.
  • The document properties Title, Subject, Author, Keywords and Creator are now correctly written in the PDF document.
  • Minor upgrade to eliminate some bugs with the use of tables. (see below).


  • (!) The filled attribute is no longer available with the <theader>, <row>, <field>, <box> and <textbox> tags. Use background-color="transparent" instead (this is also the default value).


  • The border-style(none|solid) attribute now works correctly for the <theader> tag (was broken in previous version).
  • User-defined carriage returns are now preserved in a textbox when the textbox flips over to the next page.
  • The <row> routines were adapted so that the calculation of the last row's height on a page is correct.


  • The setFilled() and isFilled() methods of the PDEBox class are not available anymore. To know the background color, use the getBackgroundColor() method. It returns null if no color has been set (this means: transparent).
  • The setTitle(), setSubject(), SetAuthor(), setKeywords() and setCreator() and corresponding getter methods are no longer available in the PDEDocument class. To add document properties, create a PDEInfo instance and add it to the document via the setPDFInfo() method of the PDFDocument class.
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