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Release Notes

XMLMill 1.13 (February 3rd 2002)

  • Please note that the DTD has changed as of this version. You need to update your xmlmill xml / xsl files in order to be able to use this version of XMLMill with it.


  • DTD file is updated and contains now all tags and attributes a xmlmill xml file can contain.
  • Document element is now <reports>, this to support multiple PDF file generation from one XML document. It contains an attribute file describing the filename of the output file (e.g. file="output.pdf").
  • The <output> tag has become obsolete. See <reports> tag.
  • The <header> tag has changed in <theader>.
  • The cwidth attribute of the <cname> element has changed in width in order to be more consistent.


  • Font-setting now apply again on table-row and table-field level (was broken in previous version).
  • Out of one XML file can more than one PDF file be generated.
  • The xmlmill xml file will be validated by XMLMill if the xmlmill.dtd file is mentioned in the xmlmill xml file. Please specify in each xmllmill xml file <!DOCTYPE reports SYSTEM "xmlmill.dtd"> or in each XSL file . <xsl:output method="xml" doctype-system="xmlmill.dtd".


  • PDETextBox class is extended with new method: addText(String s).
  • XMLCharacters() method in PDETextBox class now adds text to the textbox instead of replacing it.
  • PDEParagraph class is extended with new method: addText(String s).
  • XMLCharacters() method in PDEParagraph class now adds text to the paragraph instead of replacing it.


  • A reset button is added to reset the 'files', 'output' and 'log' fields.
  • Output is now redirected to *.log instead of *.err to me more consistent with the content, as the log contains errors as well as logging information.


  • This version uses the production release Xalan 2.2.
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