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XMLMill 2006 Roadmap

Antwerp, BELGIUM - March 9th, 2006. XMLMill 2006 Roadmap

Dear Customers and Prospects,

We are delighted to give you an overview of the Roadmap for 2006 for our 2 product lines: 'XMLMill for Java' and 'XMLMill for Domino'.

XMLMill 2.60: Signing PDF documents (one pass)

In the next days we will release version 2.60, containing one important new functionality: Signing PDF documents.

The signing of documents is done in one-pass, meaning without the need to first generate the document, save it on disk and then to reread the document to sign it.

This is an important feature for High-Performance Web Applications using XMLMill with the Java Servlet API, where the signing of PDF documents should be done as fast as possible without the need for diskspace (in memory only, zero disk base use).

Furthermore, as the signing is done during the generation of the PDF document, no valuable time is lost (as there is no need to reread the document to sign it).

XMLMill 3.0

In 2006 we will release version 3.0, a further enhancement to move more in the direction of the fo: standard.

The 'high volume xml/xsl to pdf generation' will remain the highest priority of XMLMill. As such we will move to the fo: standard only on the condition that it will not slowdown XMLMill's execution time.

In version 3.0 following topics should be covered:

  • introduction of the block and block-container elements.
  • introduction of the keep-* properties.
  • mutiple columns on one page.

When this new version will be released has not be defined yet, but most probably towards the end of the year.

If needed we will decrease the scope and deliver a sequence of 3.x versions which will each have implemented one the topics as defined above.

Custom development

Last year was a remarkable year for XMLMill, as more customers asked for a specific (small) enhancement of XMLMill.

We moved in the direction of paid development in order to be able to deliver the enhancement as soon as possible to the customer.

All these enhancements were incorporated in an offical release of XMLMill, with the result that all (future) customers can benefit from these enhancements.

So in case you have a question for a new functionality of XMLMill that you really need, just let us know and we will do the utmost to deliver this functionality as soon as possible.


Although most customers can start working with XMLMill without any problem, sometimes it is good to have an XMLMill engineer at your offices or in a telephone conference.

We also offered consultancy in 2005 and will continue to do in 2006. In order to help our clients best we will introduce 2 new support packages in 2006 (more information later).

-- The XMLMill Team --

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