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XMLMill joins Sun iForce Partner Program

Antwerp, BELGIUM - January 24, 2005.

Aartselaar, Belgium, - XMLMill, a leader high volume xml/xsl to pdf generation, today announced that it has joined Sun Microsystems' iForce(sm) Partner Program.

As a result, XMLMill for Java will be available to Sun's large worldwide user base.

"Sun Microsystems has deep market penetration and a reputation for delivering high performance enterprise-class systems. With Sun's iForce(sm) community behind XMLMill for Java product, we will be able to more effectively reach an important customer base," said P.J., XMLMill's product manager.

"Participating in the iForce partner program also qualifies us to utilize Sun's iForce(sm) Solution Centers to co-develop strategic solutions with Sun, giving us the opportunity to continue designing innovative, high performance products for customers' data protection needs."

Sun's iForce(sm) Program brings together Sun and its best of breed partners worldwide to deliver proven solutions that reduce cost and time to market. The iForce Program addresses business objectives by helping to reduce risk and speed time to implementation of solutions that help lower total cost of ownership and increase the productivity of assets.

The iForce(sm) Program consists of partners who deliver a rich array of products, programs, services and solutions ultimately delivering targeted, customer-driven vertical and horizontal solutions which help improve business processes such as decision support systems, supply chain management, product design and development, e-mail and communications.

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