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XMLMill releases new Domino Connector

Antwerp, BELGIUM - August 31st, 2003. XMLMill launches a new Connector (version 1.4) which dramatically extends the functionality of using XMLMill on-line with Domino R6.

This new version adds a new action parameter extending the online actions that can be performed:

  1. View a generated .pdf document on-line (the document is on-line generated based on the data in your document(s)).
  2. Save a generated document on file-server (the location where to store the document and/or name of the .pdf file can dynamically be defined).
  3. View and Saveactions combined.
  4. Execute a Lotus script (name of the Lotus script can be dynamically defined).
  5. View and Execute actions combined (in this order).
  6. Save and Execute actions combined (in this order).
  7. View, Save and Execute actions combined (in this order).

A log-level parameter was also added in the servlet.properties file defining whether or not all warnings, errors and fatalerrors should be logged on the console.

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