XMLMill - convert xml to pdf with java. Generate PDF from xml/xsl.

High volume xml-xsl to PDF Generation

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Company Profile

Founded in 1990 as Pecunia Data Systems, PDS provides the right strategies, solutions, services and products to help our clients solve their daily business and IT challenges.

Currenly PDS services on solutions with J2EE, XMLMill, Cocoon and Domino technology.


XMLMill was developed Summer 2001 based on a customer request to have the possibility to generate PDF documents from within a web-enabled environment. The customer wanted to have the ability to generate .pdf documents from any data in his company. We quickly deciced to adopt xml and xsl standards with a leading technology paradigm: J2EE

Today XMLMill has grown to a stable product with more that 100 customers using XMLMill over 25 different countries. XMLMill is used in different environments (O/S and application servers) and is most famous for its' high volume xml/xsl to pdf generation capabilites.

General information


Pecunia Data Systems, Helenboslaan 30, B-2630 Aartselaar (Antwerp) Belgium.




+32 (0)495 509 275


+32 3 400 50 46

Managing Director:

Mr. Stefan Geelen


On request

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